White collar crimes, crimes cols blancs

Overview :

White collar crimes often involve long and complex investigations. During these investigations, the police may try to communicate with you and ask you to give a statement. It is extremely important to consult a Montreal criminal lawyer before talking to the police. Do not forget you have the right to remain silent.

The consequences of a conviction for a white collar crime can be devastating. You may face anything from a minor slap on the wrist to real prison time. The agony won’t stop there. After your release, you may find it difficult to find a job or to enroll in the school of your choice. Trying to rebuild your life may be very difficult with a criminal record.

In these hard times you need the support and guidance of an experienced defense lawyer to support you and help you with your case.

In some situations, a proactive response can lay the groundwork for a successful outcome. If you have been contacted by a police investigator, or you expect criminal charges to be laid against you, take the proper action and begin your defense.

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How we can help ?

Mr. Haladjian has the experience to defend you in complex cases when you have been accused of any of the following:

• Fraud, credit card, etc.
• Internet crimes
• Receiving proceeds of a crime
• Tax evasion
• Money laundering
• Counterfeit money
• Insurance fraud