Regulatory Offences Lawyer

Overview :

Regulatory offence lawyers cover a wide scope of matters in Canada. If you are a bar, nightclub or restaurant owner and your establishment is ordered to be closed due to a liquor license violation, it could lead you to a significant financial loss.

You have rights, and liquor licence offences can be fought in court with the help of an experienced criminal lawyer.

How we can help?

Regulatory offences cover a wide scope of matters in Canada. From liquor licenses, to tobacco violations, to fisheries offences. If you or your company has been charged with any of the following matters, then you need to call Mr. Haladjian an experienced Montreal regulatory offences lawyer, today.

Mr. Haladjian defends individuals charged with:

  • Liquor Licence Offences
  • Fisheries Related offences
  • Tobacco Offences
  • Environmental Offences
  • Fish and Wildlife Offences
  • Competition Act Offences
  • Immigration Offences