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Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

Protect your reputation

A sexual assault or rape conviction can ruin your life.
You may be facing a long prison sentence. But the penalties will not stop there. Your name will be entered into the national sex offender registry, requiring you to report your movements on a regular basis. You may be blocked from travelling to the U.S. You may even find it difficult to get a job.

You need an experienced sexual assault lawyer to defend you as soon as possible.

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If you are charged with any type of sex crime, you must absolutely get an experienced criminal lawyer to help you with your case. Do not gamble with your freedom and your future.

It is important to remember that if a police investigator contacts you for a sex crime investigation, do not answer any questions and contact a defense lawyer such as Mr. Haladjian immediately. By talking to the police without proper legal advice, you may worsen your situation.

Mr. Haladjian will work hard to protect your rights, preserve your freedom and stand by your side until the very end. Mr. Haladjian is an experienced Montreal defense lawyer who vigorously defends people accused of sex crimes like:

• Sexual assault
• Aggravated sexual assault
• Date rape
• Sexual touching
• Solicitation of a minor
• Prostitution related crimes
• Any other sex crime

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Mr. Harout Haladjian is your Montreal criminal defence lawyer and has now devoted his professional life to the defence of persons charged with crimes. Mr. Haladjian began his professional career as ...

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